Top 5 Best Reverse Osmosis Water Systems. Read Before You Buy!

Trying to determine which water filtration system to buy for your home can be a very dry topic (sorry for the pun). There are dozens of options with varying number of stages, prices and track records. So, here I narrow it down to my selection of the best reverse osmosis water systems for your consideration.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis, or RO, is a water purification process that filters out ions, minerals and larger particles by using your regular household water pressure to push water through a semipermeable membrane (or filter). These filters remove the impurities in stages and flush them down the drain, leaving you great tasting and pure water that is comparable to bottled water.

Reverse Osmosis Pros And Cons

On the plus side, RO systems work well, are pretty easy to install and are fairly inexpensive. They also have few moving parts, which makes maintenance quite easy. The main negative is that they actually use more water for the RO process which can actually raise your water bill. However, if you’re currently drinking bottled water, you’ll probably still come out ahead.

Top 5 Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

1. APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter System

APEC Top Tier Water Filter

The APEC Top Tier 5-Stage filter system is our top pick for several reasons. First and foremost, APEC has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most reputable water filtration products. Their entire product line gets high marks and this is no exception.

The systems are 100% made in the U.S.A. I don’t know about you but I generally feel better knowing that any product touching my family’s food or water was made in the U.S.A. which has tighter production rules than many countries.

This system has been the #1 under-sink best seller on Amazon for quite a while and for good reason. Out of more than 1400 reviews, 96% gave the APEC filter system a 4 or 5 star review.

It’s reasonably priced right around the mid-point for similar systems.

It has a 5 stage system which is at the high end of offerings. More stages generally equates to higher levels of filtration and cleaner, better-tasting water.

The APEC is also Water Quality Association (WQA) certified and also comes with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. The company has a team of WQA Certified Water Specialists on hand to answer any water quality questions you might have.

The majority of users of this product state that it is super easy to install and that the water quality is phenomenal. The only consistent negative is that some users complained about missing parts on initial shipment. They had to wait for replacements before completing the install. Overall, though, the positives far outweigh minor negatives and we strongly recommend this system.

2. iSpring RCC7 Water System

iSpring Osmosis Water Filter w/ Transparent 1st Stage & Designer Faucet

Looking for an affordable, made in America, reverse osmosis water filtration system for your home? Look no further than iSpring’s RCC7 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

The RCC7 is one of the more affordable systems, often retailing under $200. When you order this item you are getting the 5-stage water filtration system, a 3.2 gallon pressurized tank, lead-free long reach faucet, tubing and installation hardware.

The iSpring has the WQA Gold seal and it comes with a thirty-day money back policy and a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Users of this product state that it is quite easy to install and most had it completely put in within a couple of hours. Other users state that this product is a fantastic deal and produces the same quality of water as some of the more expensive filter systems. The only issues that seem to pop up after some time is leaking, though this isn’t a common complaint.

Out of more than 2,000 reviews, 95% of the users gave the iSpring a 4 or 5-star review.

3.Brondell H2O+ Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Brondell H2O+ Circle Water Filter

Looking for the best reverse osmosis water filter with a sleek design that’ll save you space? Look no further than the Brondell H2O+ Circle RO Water Filter System. Its compact, sleek design gives you plenty of room under your sink for other storage options and you won’t have to worry about seeing tubes or cords. It’s definitely one of the most attractive systems available.

It includes a designer chrome faucet that includes an LED filter change indicator. While this filter system is only a 4-stage system, it is still WQA Gold Seal Certified.

The company boasts that the Circle is 10 times more efficient than current conventional RO systems in that it generates much less waste water. So, if water conservation (and water bills) are important to you, check out this system.

One significant negative is cost as the Brondell runs nearly twice as much as some of our other top picks. Of course, some of that will be offset with lower water bills compared to other systems. Nevertheless, you definitely pay for the look and compact design.

Most users of this product are ecstatic about the space saving design of the Circle. However, some users state that after install the product tends to leak and that water pressure is quite low.

Users aren’t quite a positive on the Brondell as some of the other systems we reviewed. At the time of writing there were only a few dozen reviews and 78% gave the Brondell Circle a 4 or 5-star review.

4. Home Master TMAFC Artesian Reverse Osmosis

Home Master TMAFC Water Filter

The Home Master Artesian RO system is a 7-stage filtration system that claims to remove up to 98% of chemicals. Home Master boasts that its innovative design solves most common problems associated with traditional RO systems.

With this system you’ll have great tasting water without the hassle of constantly changing out filters. Their long lasting filters can be changed out once a year or once every 2000 gallons. This can lead to significant cost savings versus systems that need to be changed out more frequently. Home Master also guarantees a faster flow rate!

The Home Master is on the pricier side, though not nearly as expensive as the Brondell. It includes the fully assembled purification unit, storage tank, 1 year of filters, chrome faucet and faucet adapter. There is a 5 year limited warranty on this product. If you ever need help with install or have any other questions, their live support team is always available to assist.

Users of this product boast that the taste of the water is amazing, the installation of the product was very easy and that this product is absolutely worth the money spent. The main complaint from users is that their water bill drastically increased and they did not realize how much water was wasted. Of course, this is an issue for most RO systems, not just the Home Master.

Out of 359 close to 400 reviews, a whopping 95% give the Home Master Artesian a 4 or 5-star review.

5. Aqua Sana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis

Aquasana AQ-RO-3.56 Water Filter

Looking for a simple filtration system that gets the job done? The Aqua Sana OptimH2O RO Filter is a simple 3-stage system that packs a punch. It has a powerful RO filtration with Claryum selective filtration that removes most of the contaminants from your water. This, partnered with its remineralization capabilities guarantees excellent tasting water.

The OptimH2O has a full system NSF Certification. It is one of the more affordable systems on the market and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Most users have had a positive experience with the OptimH2O. Several users shared that they live out in rural areas so their water has large amounts of grit and even small rocks. They stated that this filtration system was able to handle it with ease and their water tasted great. On the negative side, some users report significant difficulty installing the system. If you’re not handy, you may need some help with install which offset the affordable purchase price.

Out of few dozen reviews at the time of writing, 83% give the Aqua Sana OptimH2O a 4 or 5-star review.


Buying a reverse osmosis filtration system for your home can be overwhelming. Each buyer has their own criteria that they need to meet, so it all depends on what is important to you. I’d recommend making a list of the most important factors such as price, company reputation, number of stages, space, water use and customer reviews.

Overall, the APEC Top Tier 5-Stage RO system gets high marks across the board and is my number one pick. But, all of these are quality systems so pick what’s right for you.

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